Grievance Committee meeting in Hisar: Power Minister’s instructions to SP; Prepare paper to terminate SDM’s PSO

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In Hisar district of Haryana, the meeting of the District Public Relations and Public Complaint Committee started at 3 pm in the auditorium located in the premises of Energy Minister Ranjit Singh Mini Secretariat. The Power Minister reprimanded the complainant for arguing with the officials and instructed not to keep such complaints in the meeting, which do not exist. Along with this, the PSO of an SDM was instructed to prepare a paper to terminate the job and send it to the DGP. The minister said that such people are not needed in the police who break their own law.

In the first complaint, Bhateri Devi village Kirodi said that wheat crop was cultivated on two acres of land. Due to which the crop was spoiled by spraying poisonous in the standing crop. No action has been taken on this matter yet. On this the investigating officer presented his report and said that a live detector test of one of the convicts has been done. But till now its report has not come. On this, Power Minister Ranjit Singh said that if settlement happens in 1 week, then it is okay, otherwise file a case.

In the case of the second complaint, The Hisar Scholar House Building Society Gangwa, an FIR has been registered against Pradhan. But due to lack of executive committee in the society, development work is not being done. That’s why elections should be held. Before this 1200 bogus votes should be canceled. On this, when Minister Ranjit Singh asked the Assistant Registrar Society, he said that we have written a letter to the DC office to conduct elections and appoint an administrator. On this, the minister ordered to appoint an administrator soon.

Farmers of Sultanpur raised the matter of compensation

In the third complaint, the farmers of Sultanpur raised the issue of compensation for the 2020 cotton crop. The farmers said that the farmers of Kanwari village, 7 km away from them, got compensation. But they were not compensated. The deputy director of the agriculture department said that two officers were found guilty in this case. Chief Vigilance of Agriculture Department took action. One was chargesheeted. Compensation of four-five villages was made fake. The farmers said that a few days ago in the crop cutting case in Mujadpur, the employees of the insurance company planted tinde during the weighing of cotton. in order to gain more weight. We called on 112. Then the Deputy Director said that after the matter came to my notice, I called the farmers myself and said that we will get the FIR done on our behalf. But the farmers did not agree to get the FIR done.

Colonizer has 3 weeks

Public Health Department, Hisar raised the issue of water, sewerage in Marwal City. The residents of the colony said that 1300 families live there. But till now the problem of sewerage and water has not been solved. Keeping the report, the Irrigation Department official said that the colonizer had to deposit the money, but he did not deposit Rs 5 crore 32 lakh for the construction of the water tank. Until he completes the process of file, water cannot be given. We do not refuse to give water. Then Colony Niger said that he went to all the departments. But refused to give water.

Irrigation department official said that it did not come to us. We prepared the estimate ourselves. The official said that there is no land in the colony to build a tank. Minimum 4 acres of land is required. Then Colony Niger said that 112 houses have been built in the colony in 12 years. 700 houses will be built in the next 30 years. He will make the water tank in three weeks. Irrigation Department officials called this claim false. After this, the Power Minister gave 3 weeks to the Colony Lizard, as well as warned that the time would not be available next time.

Committee formed to find the plant

In the fifth complaint, Ranbir Singh resident of Narnaund said that in 1981, the gram panchayat had cut the plants on Jind Road with the approval of the government. I also bought a plot. I had bought 40 number plot. But after coming to the village in the municipality, his plant was not found. Due to some reason the plant was not marked or registered. Then the investigating officer of the Municipal Council Barwala said that we do not have any record. Then the minister ordered the formation of a five-member committee, which would find the records in collaboration with the Panchayat Department and the Municipality Barwala.

The retired soldier said that he is pleading to save his house after serving in the country. Our house is occupied. The retired soldier said that if my complaint is false, you should take action against me. The Power Minister told the DC to call both the parties and take a meeting and get the house to the one who has a house. Meanwhile, the minister said that there was a soldier standing outside who was blocking my way, bring him inside, let’s listen to his complaint, but later it came to know that the person left.

DDPO instructed to focus on cleanliness of villages

The issue of cleanliness of villages was raised in the meeting of Grievance. On this occasion, Rajya Sabha MP DP Vats asked the DDPO to pay attention to the villages. Show any one village which can be an example. The members of the Lok Sampark Samiti said that the sanitation workers of one village should be sent for cleaning in another village.

Power Minister Ranjit Singh and DC Uttam Singh

Take action to terminate SDM’s PSO

Power Minister Ranjit Singh said that a few days ago the PSO of an SDM of Hisar region beat up his wife. The in-laws were beaten up. I got a call. I called the number 112 and sent it to the police. But he was not opening the door. I said make me talk. The PSO said that I do not talk to the ministers. After this talked to the SDM, he said that he is a very good man. Then I said that did not call to take his side. Take action against him.

Then I spoke to the SP and told him to register a case against him. At night he reached the hospital and 12 vehicles of that party reached, on which the in-laws started getting scared. However, he got suspended after the incident. Both of you SPs are sitting to terminate such a person from the job. I will talk to DGP and CM sahib. Such persons do not need jobs. What if the law-keepers do the same thing?

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