Ground Report: Food for 2 thousand people daily in India Jodo Yatra: 6 teams responsible for food management, 2 food vans always with travel

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Congress’s India Jodo Yatra reached Kollam, Kerala on the 8th day. This place is about 136 km away from Kanyakumari. About two thousand people are accompanying the yatra. Of these, there are 119 Bharat Yatris, more than 200 guest travelers, more than 400 state travelers and more than one thousand volunteers.

The day of India travelers starts at 4 am. At 6 o’clock everyone is required to attend the flag ceremony. The journey starts at 7 o’clock. 6 teams are responsible for preparing breakfast and food for the passengers. Two food vans move along the journey. A stop at a school, college, ashram or convention center for lunch.

Lunch on the way, Night at camp
Congress’s media in-charge Pawan Khera said that after having food at one place, the food vans running along the journey leave for the next point. Lunch is served on the way and night at the camp.

Food is not prepared for everyone at night. Arrangements are made only for Rahul Gandhi, the soldiers posted in his security and 200 to 250 people. People from different states are walking in the journey. So there is no menu. Just care is taken that proteins and carbohydrates must be included in the food.

6 teams engaged in food management
Ashish Kinnerwada, who is looking after food management at Atigal in Thiruvananthapuram, said that a team cooks food at a distance. In a pickup van he is taken to the stopping point of the journey. The other team prepares to feed there.

A team working on one day rests for the next two days. The arrangements for the next day’s food fall with the other team. There are 6 such teams. Each team has 30 to 35 people. Similarly, their order keeps changing. These 6 teams will look after the food work till Srinagar.

More than 100 people involved in food management
Ashish told that what will be made in the food, we are told in advance. There are total 14 districts in Kerala. In every district, a committee of 3 to 4 people looks after its work. While preparing the menu, the committee takes care that the test of the people of North and South India should be taken care of.

More than 100 people are involved in food management at one place. About 2000 people eat food in a day. For security reasons, separate food is prepared for Rahul Gandhi and other big leaders. Apart from Rahul, all the leaders eat food with the common passengers.

just 5 minutes to shower
Apart from Rahul, about 146 people stay in containers. There are 16 moving washrooms for them. Most people get up between 4 and 5 o’clock. At 6 o’clock everyone has to reach the flag. Till then everyone has to be ready. Accordingly, a man gets only about 5 minutes to take a bath.

It is necessary for all India travelers to participate in the flag ceremony. Entry is not allowed if late. The journey starts at 7 o’clock. For this, the container has to be left by 6:30. After the passengers leave, the containers are locked and sent to the next location.

Age-wise containers for living
Shrihari, who came from Bihar, told that 60 containers made for living have been divided into four types. The first four containers are for Rahul Gandhi and his support staff. Only selected people can go there. Each container has beds, mobile charging points, window ACs and lights. There is a 3 x 3 cabinet for keeping things under the bed.

There are four-bed containers for those above 40 years of age. There are also four-bed containers for women. Some also have attached washrooms. People between the ages of 30 and 40 have been kept in a 6-bed container. The 12-bed container holds people under 30. Shahnawaz Alam, who came from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, said that there is such an arrangement in the container that all the passengers should be from different states.

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