Ground Report: In Banka, embankments made of 26 crores were cut by sand mafia; Road made for illegal sand lifting

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These days the sand mafia is ruining the embankments of many rivers along the Chandan river in Banka district. They are doing illegal sand mining from rivers by cutting embankments. Sloping at many places in the 40 km embankment of the Chandan river, a way has been made to carry vehicles in the river, and somewhere the dam has been cut. At some distance from the temple in Banka town, the mafia sloping the embankment and making a way to carry tractors in the river and illegal sand mining.

At the same time, at some distance from the Jyeshthgaurnath temple, the dam has been damaged and a way has been made to allow vehicles to enter the river. Along with the Badua reservoir of Shambhuganj block area, the mafia is doing illegal sand mining by cutting the embankments of many rivers. After getting the information, the mining department is closing the road, but again the mafia is preparing the way and doing illegal mining.

Illegal mining is not stopping at Badua reservoir
The business of illegal sand mining in the Badua River Reservoir Project in Shambhuganj is not stopping. When sand was not available in the river, the mafia started illegal sand mining by demolishing the security embankments. Illegal excavation is being done in the dark of night from sand ghats like Chhatrahar, Garhi Mohanpur, Sahoda, Bato etc. Banka Mining Inspector Awadhesh Kumar said that the mafia who cut the embankment is being identified.

In 2018 the embankment was built on both sides of Badua
Manoj Mishra, former chief of Chhatrahar Panchayat and current head Anita Mishra, said that in 2018, security embankments on both sides of Badua were constructed at a cost of about 26 crores. Under Divisional Officer of Flood Control Dharmendra Kumar said that after the sand mafia demolished the embankments, a proposal has been sent to the department for repair. Repairs will be done soon after approval.

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