Kasganj, Samvad Sahayak: This year, on receiving the instructions of the government, the Basic Education Department has enrolled students in class one by running a special campaign. How proficient they are in elementary education is not yet measured. Now, according to the instructions of the government, the education of these students will start only when they will be able to study for the first class. For this three months training is being given in schools.

Efforts are being made to create a better environment in the schools of basic education. This time a new instruction has been received by the Education Department. Under this, every student taking admission in the first class will be trained. Training will be given in sports. The first phase has started from 24 April. The first phase lasted till 14 May. Efforts were made to make every student proficient in elementary education. Now the second phase will start in the last week of June. At that time the activity of the first children will be observed to see how much they learned in the first stage. Teachers in every primary school have been given the responsibility to make the children proficient. In the second phase, the officers will inspect and see what are the results of the learning given to the children in the first phase. From the point of view of statistics:

– There are 985 primary schools in the district

– 15000 new enrollments In class I, the teacher in each school has been given the responsibility to give practical learning to the students before the start of the course for studying in class I. Also educate children in different ways in three stages. Only after that start the syllabus of class 1 duly.

– Bhup Singh, District Coordinator Training

Edited By: Jagran