Guru Ramdas Prakash Utsav: Maintaining spontaneity and firmness of principled resolutions in every situation of life is the result of the best of the inner stage. This state is attained by devotion, faith and devotion to God. The life of the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ramdas Ji himself was the embodiment of this philosophical concept and he inspired humanity to follow the same path. He was born in Lahore, but due to the death of his parents in his childhood, he came to his maternal grandmother in the village of Basarke, which is now in Amritsar.

From the very beginning, along with earning a living, the mind of Guru Ramdas ji, whose name was Bhai Jetha ji at that time, began to rest in devotion by taking refuge in Guru Amardas ji. With his spirit and service, he got the grace of Guru Amardas ji. Even after marrying the younger daughter of Guru Amardas ji, his inner qualities grew progressively.

When he ascended the throne, he started taking interest in creative work along with preaching religion. The lake in which Sri Harimandar Sahib is situated today was built by Guru Ramdas ji. Guru Sahib got five hundred bighas of land from the zamindars for seven hundred Akbari rupees and established the city of Amritsar on it. In this city, they called laborers and artisans of different castes and settled and helped. It was a singular respect for labour, which is part of the fundamental principles of Sikhism.

Whatever gifts the Sikh Sangat would offer to Guru Sahib out of spirit, it was used for the development of Amritsar city. He wanted to make this city a confluence of devotion and labor-service. Giving a special place to restraint and discipline in life, Guru Ramdas Ji gave inspiration to wake up at the end of the night, take bath etc. and do devotion to God. Human beings while doing their work should also keep alive the feeling of love for God in the mind. Describing human life as the fruit of great virtuous rooms, Guru Ramdas Ji preached its good use.

Comparing the human body to a mare, he said that the meaning of this body lies in taking it towards the goal of freedom from movement by putting on the reins of the knowledge of the Guru and being driven by the whip of love. Just as the beauty of a mare is due to its genes, similarly the name of God is the true beauty of the body and the way to control the restless mind. Guru Ramdas ji sent qualified Sikhs to remote places for preaching religion and also provided handwritten copies of Guruvani. He said that the salvation of the ignorant and the worldly man engrossed in illusionary disorders is possible only by the intellect and prudence obtained by the grace of God.

Dr. Satyendra Pal Singh, Fellow of Sikh Philosophy

Edited By: Kartikey Tiwari