New Delhi, Pretr. Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s first diplomatic posting was in India and he established such a special relationship with the country that even after 50 years, half of his heart resides in India. Ban also mentioned in his autobiography that his three-year stint in India was one of the most exciting times of his life. In ‘Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World’ published by HarperCollins India, Ban describes how he went from being a ‘child of war’ to an ‘angel of peace’.

Born in 1944, just a year before the United Nations came into existence, Ban Ki-moon’s earliest memories are of the sound of bombs falling on his Korean village and the rest of the things going up in flames. Of his days in India, Ban wrote, “I had my first diplomatic posting to India, and Soon-Tak (wife) and I arrived in Delhi in October 1972. I served there for nearly three years, first as the Deputy Consul General of the Korean Consulate General and as the Second Secretary of the Korean Embassy after full diplomatic relations were established between Korea and India in December 1973.’

Even now I tell Indian people that half of my heart is in their country

Ban’s daughter Seon-yong was only eight months old at the time and their only son, Woo-hyun, was born in India on 30 October 1974. Ban wrote, ‘I used to joke with Indian people that my ‘balance sheet’ with India is correct because my son was born in India and my youngest daughter Hyun-hee was married to an Indian citizen. Almost 50 years later, I still tell Indian people that half of my heart is in their country.

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