Harmeet Dhillon loses to Rona McDaniel in RNC presidential election

WorldHarmeet Dhillon loses to Rona McDaniel in RNC presidential election
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Renowned Indian-American attorney Harmeet Dhillon could not win the election for the post of chairman of the ‘Republican National Committee’ (RNC). Rona McDaniel was re-elected as RNC chair in Friday’s high-profile election.

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McDaniel, considered close to former President Donald Trump, will have a two-year term. In the election held by secret ballot, he got 111 votes, while Dhillon got 51 votes. At the same time, MyPilo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Lindell had to satisfy with four votes.

The election has exposed a growing internal division in the Republican Party, which could affect its chances in the 2024 US presidential election.

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The RNC presidential election was held at a Southern California resort, where 168 members (activists and elected officials) of the RNC voter group from all 50 states gathered.

Immediately after the results were announced, McDaniel invited his rivals on stage.

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“When we all work together, the Democrats (Party) will hear our voices in the 2024 election,” he said.

With the win, McDaniel became the longest serving RNC chairwoman since the Civil War. He was selected by Trump to lead the RNC in 2016.

Dhillon, McDaniel’s main opponent and Trump’s lawyer, told reporters, “The party is not united. The kind of activities going on in the party now, no one is going to remain united. It seems that grassroots leaders and workers are being ignored.”

Trump personally endorsed McDaniel. The former president also took to social media to congratulate McDaniel on her victory in the RNC presidential election.

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