Harsiddhi gives darshan in 3 forms in the ocean: Recognition – Mother Sati’s queen had fallen, hence the name of this area was Rangir Dham.

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The famous pilgrimage area located 46 km from Sagar, Rangir Dham is unique in itself. In this age-old ancient temple on the banks of the Dehar river, the idol of Viraji Maa Harsiddhi appears to the devotees in three forms a day. Mother Goddess appears in the form of a girl in the morning, youth in the afternoon and old age in the evening. These forms are a sign of making the sun, moon and fire power luminous, radiant and nectar. In the Shardiya and Chaitra Navratri, the crowd of devotees remains constant for nine days in the Siddhapeeths. Devotees from all over Bundelkhand reach Rangir Dham for nine days of Navratri to have darshan of Mata.

Devotees queue up to have darshan of the mother.

Mother Sati’s queen had fallen in Rangir
Pandit Krishnakumar Dubey told that one of the 51 Shakti Peeths of Goddess Bhagwati is also Rangir. It is believed that the queen (thigh) of Mother Sati had fallen here, hence the name of this area was Rangir. The wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by having darshan of the mother.

Maa Durga used to come to play as a girl
According to the priest of the temple, Pt. Anil Kumar Dubey Shastri, there is a legend that the temple was not in Rangir earlier. On the other side of the Dehar river lived the Mother Goddess. Mother used to come to play with the girls. In the evening, giving them a silver coin each, they used to go away. One day the people of the village saw that this girl comes to play in the morning and in the evening, giving a silver coin to the girls, she goes to old Rangir.

On the same day Harsiddhi Mata gave a dream that I am Harsiddhi Mata, living in old Rangir. If we move from old Rangir to Rangir, Rangir will be our new place. Harsiddhi Maa’s statue was found under the Bel tree in Rangir. People seated Bel on the throne and brought him to Rangir in the evening. On the second day people tried to lift that to be carried forward, but could not move the idol of Goddess.

The famous temple of Mata Harsiddhi in Rangir.

Statue of Mother Harsiddhi
The younger priest of the temple, Pt. Anil Dubey told that my family has been serving the mother in the temple for 10 generations. Earlier Mother Harsiddhi was in old Rangir across the river. Mother used to come to play in the form of a girl. After that the mother stopped here. After this a grand construction of the temple of Mata was done. On the other side of the river there is also a temple of Mata at Budhi Rangir. Due to the Corona period, devotees are being seen from 15 feet away in Navratri.

Offering prasad after worshiping the girls.


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