New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. In the last few weeks, due to the new variant of Kovid-19, Omicron, its cases have increased rapidly worldwide. This more-contagious variant is said to cause mild symptoms in people. However, experts believe that people infected with this type are at a higher risk of developing long-term COVID-19 infection. Common symptoms of Omicron include cough, congestion, runny nose, and fatigue. To avoid getting infected with COVID-19, it is suggested that people should work towards regaining their lost immunity.

Experts say that people who have recently been infected with Kovid-19 can regain lost strength during recovery, through a healthy diet, workouts and sleep. So let’s find out what you should do to get the power back.

eat slowly and well

According to experts, you should start with fasting so that your digestive power builds up gradually. Gradually increase the amount of food. Start by eating lightly cooked cooked food, which includes good fats, so that your digestion becomes normal as before.

exercise daily

The importance of exercise in our lifestyle is known to all and many experts also throw light on it from time to time. Many times when we exercise regularly, some parts of our body may get sore. If you are feeling weak or tired, do not exercise. Instead, walk for a while or do easy yoga postures.

Do not eat too much Vitamin C

Vitamin-C plays a very important role in recovery from Kovid-19. However, experts say that do not take excessive vitamin-C to boost immunity and as it can trigger other problems.

rest your mind

There is no doubt that the corona virus has a great effect on your brain as well and therefore it is very important to give it rest. Get a good night’s sleep, do breathing exercises and meditate.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Edited By: Ruhee Parvez