New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Ajwain rich in Ayurvedic properties is very beneficial for health. Ajwain is used from cooking to medicine to treat many diseases. Ajwain contains protein, fat, fiber and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and nicotinic acid which are very useful for health. Consuming Ajwain provides relief from cold, flu, runny nose and cold. It is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, which get rid of phlegm in the chest.

Ajwain is useful for women:

Ajwain is extremely useful for women. Ajwain is rich in antioxidants, which boost immunity. It acts like a medicine for women after pregnancy. By drinking ajwain tea, women get relief from period pain. Ajwain works to increase blood flow. It is also effective in treating vaginal yeast infections. Let us know what are the benefits of eating celery for the body.

Maintains Digestion:

Ajwain, rich in anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, treats problems like stomach gas, abdominal pain, cold and flu. To keep the digestive system fine, grind celery and myrrh mixed in equal quantity. Make a powder by mixing asafetida and rock salt according to taste and consume it. Digestion will be fine.

Relieves Constipation:

Ajwain is very effective in relieving constipation. For the treatment of constipation, make a powder by mixing 10 grams carom seeds, 10 grams triphala and 10 grams rock salt and take 3-5 grams powder with lukewarm water daily. Very soon you will get relief from constipation.

Relieves from cough and cold:

Taking a spoonful of carom seeds with a cup of buttermilk provides relief in phlegm caused by cold and flu. Mash a spoonful of ajwain seeds by hand and make it finely mixed with some jaggery and suck it like toffee, you will get relief from cold.

Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take these as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.

Edited By: Shahina Noor