Heart Attack: Heart patients should not ignore these 9 risk factors at all, otherwise things will slowly get out of hand

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Heart Attack Causes: Your heart muscles are affected due to disturbances in blood flow. This is usually due to blockage in the arteries that carry blood to your heart. A heart attack can lead to heart damage and possibly death. If you know about the dangers of heart attack, then you can increase your health by paying attention to them. There are many risk factors, characteristics and lifestyle choices that can increase your risk of having a heart attack. It is very important to be aware of them. Some risk factors are modifiable, while some cannot be changed.

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Talking to a health expert is the first step as they can help you reduce, control or prevent as many risk factors as possible. They can advise you to give medicine or both to make positive adjustments in your routine. Here we are telling about some common risk factors which can become a risk for heart attack.

Factors that increase the risk of heart attack. Factors That Increase The Risk Of Heart Attack

1) Cholesterol

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Uncontrolled variables can alter cholesterol levels, although there are steps you can take to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. If necessary, ask your doctor about ways to lower your cholesterol. Increase dietary fiber consumption, eat nutritious, low-fat foods, and exercise regularly. All these can help in lowering your cholesterol.

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2) Diabetes

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Diabetes can harm your heart. Especially if it is not under control. For better control of your blood sugar level, follow the doctor’s treatment plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3) High blood pressure

A very prevalent risk factor for heart disease is high blood pressure. When your blood pressure increases, your heart has to work harder. Hardening of the heart muscles can lead to a heart attack. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to lower your blood pressure. Proper exercise, low salt and low fat diet, moderate alcohol consumption, healthy weight and stress management can lower your blood pressure.

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4) obesity

Increased cholesterol, blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack are all linked to excess body fat. To reach and maintain a healthy weight, one must follow a balanced diet and engage in activities. If you are having trouble losing weight, consult your doctor to find ways to lose weight.

5) smoking

Smoking is responsible for one out of every five deaths due to heart attack. If you smoke cigarettes, your chances of having a heart attack can increase two to four times. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your heart, increases blood pressure, damages blood vessels and increases the risk of blood clots, so the risk is higher for smokers. If you currently smoke, there is still time to quit and reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

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6) Insufficient Exercise

Inactive lifestyle increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Daily moderate to vigorous exercise can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Obesity, diabetes and blood cholesterol can all be managed with physical activity. For some people it can also help in reducing blood pressure. Adults should aim for 75 minutes of vigorous activity (such as jogging) or at least 150 minutes of moderate activity (such as brisk walking) or both each week.

7) Stress

Stress is also a risk factor for heart attack. Adopt several strategies to reduce stress. Yoga, breathing exercises and better time management are some strategies to reduce stress.

8) if you are male

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women, yet men are more likely to suffer a heart attack than women. Women are more likely to have a heart attack as they get older than men.

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9) old age

The risk of having a heart attack increases with age. Although a heart attack can occur at any age, the risk increases significantly after the age of 45 in men and after menopause or after the age of 50 in women.

Keep these factors in mind to understand your risk of having a heart attack.

Disclaimer: This content provides general information only including advice. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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