High BP Yoga: If the increased blood pressure has to be controlled, then these yogasanas will work, the effect will be seen on health.

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High BP Control Yoga: Yoga proves to be helpful in both physical and mental forms. There are also many such yogasanas which are helpful in removing the problem of high blood pressure.

YogaMany patients with high blood pressure do not have any symptoms, but it can put your heart at risk, which is why it is also called the ‘silent killer’. High blood pressure can be controlled through a healthy diet as well as regular exercise. Another thing that can give you relief from hypertension is yoga. BP (Blood Pressure) can be controlled through regular practice of yoga. By doing yoga, our blood pressure remains in control, as well as it is also helpful in removing yoga stress. Apart from this, it also works to improve heart function. The action of breathing during this is beneficial to health. Let us know which are the asanas through which you can control the increased blood pressure (high BP).

yoga for high blood pressure Yoga For High Blood Pressure


This yoga pose is considered the best for hypertensive patients. It is helpful in reducing stress. Along with this, doing this pose improves blood circulation throughout the body.


This is a very easy pose that helps in reducing blood pressure. It calms the mind and removes stress. Along with this, it also eliminates headache and fatigue and proves to be helpful in controlling blood pressure.


Along with regulating the breath, this asana gives peace to the mind by removing stress from the mind, which makes it possible to control blood pressure. A calm mind builds a healthy body.


By doing this asana, the flow of blood and oxygen in the body improves. Along with this, it also takes care of heart health by removing stress.

bridge pose

This asana is also very effective in controlling blood pressure. By doing this the mind calms down and stress ends.

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