New Delhi, Online Desk. The hearing of the petitions challenging the High Court’s order on the Karnataka Hijab case has been completed in the Supreme Court on Thursday. The court has reserved the order.

Hijab ban in schools is right: Supreme Court

On Wednesday, the matter was heard for the 9th day in which apart from the state government, those college teachers who were not in favor of hijab in the college also argued. The Karnataka government on Wednesday justified the ban on hijab in schools in the Supreme Court, saying its order was not against any religion. No religious aspect has been touched in it. The state respects saffron shawls, hijabs etc. But when you come to school, the uniform is fixed there and you have to come in the same. The state government said that there is no bar on wearing the hijab except in the classroom.

The state government had given the argument in the court-

Emphasizing on maintaining public discipline, the state government had said that not everything can be presented as an essential part of religion. Teachers said that if there is discrimination among the children already, then it will be difficult to give good education. How can there be education without discipline?

The Karnataka High Court had upheld the state government’s February 5 order banning hijab in schools and also held that hijab is not an integral part of Islam. Many Muslim girl students have challenged the High Court order in the Supreme Court.

Complete the debate soon, our patience is answering – Court

During the hearing on Wednesday, the Supreme Court asked the counsel for the petitioners to conclude their arguments soon, because now our patience is paying off. A bench of Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia from Hauzfa Ahmadi, one of the lawyers who represented the petitioners, said that on Thursday we will give one hour’s time to all of you. In that you have to finish the debate. Now the hearing is over. Our patience is paying off. Ahmadi said that the bench has listened to us very patiently. To this, the bench said lightly, ‘Do you think we have any other option?’

(With inputs from news agency ANI and PTI)

Edited By: Monika Minal