The hustle and bustle of life, the havoc of competition, the growing distance from our loved ones, the shrinking land of feelings, the increasing hours of work and the high flight of ambitions have filled our lives with stress. However, we have jokes or jokes as a great way to be happy in the midst of these erupting chains of tender feelings. They add vitality and warmth to our lives. Not only does this make the surrounding environment pleasant, but we are also able to lead a better mental, physical, social life. Clearly, we also get the benefit of this in the form of career growth.

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Hindi Jokes: If your morning starts with laughter then the whole day goes well. You feel happy and satisfied from inside. Even laughing and being happy keeps you healthy and thereby gives you a long life. That’s why you must laugh at least once a day. Due to this worry and worry may be right for a while but they are forgotten.

1. Tappu: If I climb a coconut tree,

So will the girls of engineering college be seen?

Gappu: Surely, if you leave your hands, then the girls of the medical college will also be seen.

2. Teacher: Who was Shah Jahan?

Mantu: He was a labourer.

Teacher: How?

Mantu: It was you who said that Shah Jahan had built many buildings.

3. Teacher- Where were these days?

Ramesh – I had bird flu.

Teacher- But it happens in birds… not in humans

Ramesh (angrily) – Man has understood where you are, you make cock every day…

All health experts believe that laughing improves our immune system. This increases blood circulation, which reduces the chances of heart diseases. We also feel lighter physically, which also increases our memory. Everyone wants to meet and have a relationship with a person who is happy. Such people are also more popular in the office with family and society. With the right jokes at the right time, you add color even in a colorless environment. This makes your personality attractive and people are drawn towards you.