New Delhi, IAS. The Hindu community in Pakistan has paid the fines imposed on 11 religious fundamentalists involved in an attack on a temple in Karak district in December 2020. This amount was given from the fund of All Pakistan Hindu Council. This information was given in a report of Express Tribune. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had ordered the recovery of Rs 3.3 crore from the accused for the reconstruction of the demolished temple in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Local hardliners involved in this attack are putting obstacles in the reconstruction of the temple.

Hindu community set an example

The temple is being constructed by the government, but a local leader and his supporters are protesting on the grounds that the temple is being expanded. These people have also asked the contractor to build a wall in front of the verandah of the temple. On the contrary, the Hindu community has tried to set an example by paying the fines imposed on those involved in the sabotage. Under this, the amount of fine (Rs 2,68,000 each) imposed on Jamaat Ulemi-e-Islam-Fazl district chief Maulana Mir Jakim, Maulana Sharifulla and Rahmat Salam and eight others has also been paid.

After the reconstruction of the Hindu temple, the Chief Justice of Pakistan inaugurated

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed gave a strong message to the fundamentalist Muslims of the country by dedicating the reconstructed TERI temple last day. A century-old temple in north-west Pakistan was torched by extremists last year after Chief Justice Ahmed ordered the authorities to rebuild the temple. The Shri Paramhans Ji Maharaj temple located in Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was torched by extremists in December last year after vandalizing it. The mob was led by some local clerics, who were associated with Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl. Chief Justice Ahmed then ordered the authorities to rebuild the temple and recover its money from the attackers.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh