Hong Kong, AP. China loyalist Jan Li will be Hong Kong’s next chief executive. The election committee that elected him to the post on Sunday has nearly 1,500 members, mostly pro-China. Jan got 1,416 votes, while only 751 votes were needed to win. More than 97 percent of the election committee members cast a secret ballot.

Jan was the only candidate in this election, so his victory was considered certain. He will replace current leader Carrie Lam on July 1. This will be his sixth term. Major changes were made to Hong Kong’s electoral laws in 2021. Through this an attempt was made to ensure that only ‘patriots’ loyal to China were elected as the city chief. The legislature in Hong Kong was also reorganized to suppress the voice of the opposition.

Have lived in Police and Security Bureau

As the city’s future leader, Jan had expressed concern that China could further tighten its hold on Hong Kong. He spent most of his career in the civil service in the police and security bureaus. He is a staunch supporter of the national security law imposed on Hong Kong in 2020, which aims to quell dissent. In the election campaign, Jan had promised to implement the pending local law.

Local people opposed the election

Three members of the League of Social Democrats, a group of local people, demonstrated demanding universal suffrage. They also opposed the election while trying to march towards the polling place. The police searched the belongings of the protesters and also extracted their personal details. However, no arrests were made immediately. The pro-democracy camp has been demanding universal suffrage for a long time.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan