Honor killing in Maharashtra’s Nanded, medical student was electrocuted by family members

IndiaHonor killing in Maharashtra's Nanded, medical student was electrocuted by family members
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Shubhangi Jogdand, 23, was murdered by her family members on the night of 22 January. The girl was killed by giving an electric shock.

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A case of ‘honour killing’ has come to light in Nanded, Maharashtra. In this heart-wrenching incident, father, uncle and two brothers together tried to destroy the evidence by killing the girl. The deceased girl had a love affair with a young man from the village itself. Due to which the family members were getting angry. Police have arrested five people including father, uncle and cousin in the case. Right now father, uncle, maternal uncle, real brother and cousin are accused and all have been arrested.

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According to information, Shubhangi Jogdand, a 23-year-old medical student, was electrocuted to death by her own family members on the night of 22 January. Then the dead body was burnt and its ashes were thrown into the river. It has been told by the police that the girl was in love with someone else in the village, but the family members had got her engaged elsewhere, which was broken. Due to this incident, his family members felt that they had been insulted and they killed him.

The family burning in the fire of humiliation killed their own daughter and medical student Shubhangi and destroyed the evidence. But the villagers got suspicious and informed the police. After which the police have registered a case of murder after preliminary investigation.

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SP, Nanded said that the people of the house confessed that they had done such an incident. We have also seen the spot where ashes have been found and something similar has also been found in the river, they have been sent to forensics and arrested and the investigation is on.

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