Hours’ work in minutes! PowerPoint or e-mail, Microsoft’s ‘Copilot’ will do it all

BusinessHours' work in minutes! PowerPoint or e-mail, Microsoft's 'Copilot' will do...
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Microsoft 365 Copilot: If understood in easy language, it can now be used in Excel, Power Point, Outlook, etc. in everyday office work.

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New Delhi:

Microsoft 365 Copilot: bq prime According to the report, Microsoft, one of the world’s leading tech companies, has announced the most productive tool of this decade. Its name is Microsoft’s 365 Copilot. This tool can be used commercially, which will increase productivity and get the work done quickly.

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If understood in simple language, it can now be used in Excel, Power Point, Outlook, etc. in everyday office work. In all these, with the help of AI of Microsoft 365 Copilot, the tasks can be handled in a better way.

Testing Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft told that if you want to take a trial of Copilot, then it is not possible for you to do so now. Microsoft 365 Copilot is being tested with a small group of customers to get the necessary feedback to improve it. The company also told that information regarding its price and license will be shared soon.

Why Microsoft’s Copilot matters

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In 2019, Microsoft had invested $10 billion i.e. around Rs 8,200 crore in OpenAI. Since then there has been a competition in the Artificial Intelligence field. With this, big tech companies started integrating their products with technology so that it could transform the user experience.

Along with Copilot, Microsoft also showcased another AI feature called Business Chat, which can pull in all the data from your documents, presentations, emails, calendars, notes and contacts.

How has the team updated the product strategy that Business Chat can easily generate such responses.

What will Microsoft’s Copilot do?

  • The AI ​​tool will be able to reformat your word file based on the previous draft with a single command.

  • Easily convert your 90 page thesis into a 10 slide powerpoint presentation

  • It is also capable of animating slides and creating speaker notes.

  • Copilot will also provide real time summary and action item information in the context of the conversation

Jared Spataro, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, said that based on your business content and context, Copilot delivers results that are relevant and actionable. It is built on Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to security, compliance, privacy and AI.

However, Microsoft said that the new AI tool is built on ‘decades of research’ and is based on AI principles and standards.

For the information of starters, more than one language model has been used in making it. The company also said that Copilot will deliver ‘enterprise-ready AI’.

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, believes that artificial intelligence can help in doing even small tasks like emailing.

However, meanwhile, Chinese tech company Baidu also launched its ChatGPT challenger named Ernie Bot on Thursday. Google’s Bard, which will be used to improve its search engine, is currently in the pipeline.

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