Jagran Correspondent Dhanbad: Jharkhand Education Project Council has sought information from the schools of the district on many points regarding all the safety standards including how safe the children are in schools, what are the arrangements for their safety, what will be done for safety in case of emergency. On Friday, Mamta Lakra of JEPC held a meeting through VC. During this 164 points were discussed.

It is known that the number of government schools in the district is 1727, while there are about three hundred private schools. More than 164 questions regarding safety standards have to be filled by schools through the form. Whether the form has fire safety systems or not, whether the school is in touch with the disaster management committee authority for training. Whether the school has taken an undertaking from all its employees to have indulged in any kind of offense under the JJ Act, whether the staff has been trained to deal with the disaster situation or not. Whether the schools are following the guidelines of the Sports Authority of India, whether the school’s safety certificate is renewed or not, a report will be prepared on a total of 164 parameters including cyber security. District Education Officer Prabala Khes, District Education Superintendent Inder Bhushan Singh, ADPO Vijay Kumar, APO Pradeep Rawani and other officials were present in the meeting.

The report is to be made like this: According to the safety standards of the schools, detailed information about the school, building and students is to be given. Similarly, any accident in the school in the past, risk analysis, identification of any risk, possibilities to overcome it, what is the preparedness to deal with the risk, communication system, rescue team, fire safety team, first aid team, water and sanitation Reports will also be prepared on other points including team, road safety team, coordination team, rescue map, mock drill. Apart from this, under this plan, the schools will also have to prepare a map of what is the evacuation plan in case of emergency.

Edited By: Deepak Kumar Pandey