How to Buy Healthy Grocery Items? These 12 best tricks will be useful for health conscious people, not a single unhealthy thing will come in the house

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Healthy Grocery List: A pre-made grocery list can prevent you from consuming unhealthy foods. Here are tips on buying healthy food to keep yourself fit and healthy.

How Do I Make A Healthy Grocery List? Healthy grocery shopping inspires you to eat healthy food. When you do exercise and meditation along with healthy food, it is pleasant to sleep. Good nutrition is an integral part of healthy eating and choosing groceries wisely helps you to maintain your health routine better. One trick to help you choose healthy groceries is to prepare before you go shopping. This will prevent you from consuming unhealthy foods.

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Whole grains, skimmed dairy products, lean meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet. The rules for healthy grocery shopping include reading the food level and choosing organic food. Junk and packaged foods should be avoided. Food labels can also help in checking freshness. A pre-made grocery list can prevent you from consuming unhealthy foods. Here are tips on buying healthy food to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Tips for Shopping for Healthy Foods | Tips For Shopping For Healthy Foods

1. If possible, make a list of your menu for a week and buy groceries accordingly. Remember eating healthy does not mean counting calories or eating simple food. A healthy meal consists of all types of food ingredients at a superior level which makes the food real, nutritious and delicious.

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2. Go to buy fruits one day. Jamun, Apple, Banana, Orange, Grapes, Melon and Avocado are healthy and nutritious snacks. Choose seasonal fruits and fresh fruits instead of canned, or preservative fruits.

3. Carrots, peppers, lettuce, cauliflower, beetroot and other vegetables contain healthy amounts of vitamins and minerals that meet the nutritional needs for a day. Green leafy vegetables and bright colored vegetables are better nutritious.

4. Pulses like dried beans and peas are high in protein and fiber. They are the easiest to make as they only need to be put in the cooker with added flavor and herbs. Canned beans are to be avoided as far as possible as they can be loaded with preservatives.

5. Whole, processed grains such as whole wheat products, oats, brown rice and quinoa can be taken as a main course.

6. Whole Wheat Pasta is a great option for a fast and healthy main course. Pick up a bag of whole wheat flour and make your own breads, pizza bases, tortillas, burritos and quesadillas.

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7. Chicken breast, pork chops, fish and other seafood are good choices when choosing meats. Fish can also be taken with fresh meat. Buy only as much meat or fish as you will use in a day. Eggs and meat can be consumed as a healthy option if eaten boiled instead of fried.

8. Nuts can be a very healthy snacking option. A handful of nuts can be nutritious as well as filling. Almonds and walnuts are a great choice for an afternoon snack as it curbs the craving for food and aids in weight loss.

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9. Soybeans are the best substitute for meat. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are also found in flaxseed.

10. Consume low fat milk or toned milk in dairy products. Plain curd is definitely healthier than sugar.

11. While choosing sandwich spread, you can take peanut butter, hung curd or cheese.

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12. Spices like cinnamon, thyme, black pepper, garlic cloves, ginger, parsley and cilantro must be in their purest form to get the best taste. Such pure spices have the health benefits of curing a wide variety of ailments ranging from colds and dyspepsia to various types of cancer.

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.


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