Husband brought girlfriend to move, wife thrashed; VIDEO: With folded hands said girlfriend-sister, we have come today only to swear to you

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The wife reached before the husband, who was taking the girlfriend for a walk in the Tajganj area of ​​​​Agra police station. Girlfriend got off her bike and beat her badly. During this, the husband kept on celebrating and the girlfriend kept apologizing with folded hands, but even after touching the pair, the wife did not agree. After a long time, the family took him away from there. The video of the entire incident has surfaced.

According to the information, the matter is of I Love Agra Selfie Point on Fatehabad Road of Thana Tajganj area. According to eyewitness Brajesh Kumar, around 3 pm on Wednesday, a woman resident of the area came and stood. After about 20 minutes there came a young man on a bike. As soon as they came, the woman already standing went to both of them and dragged the woman sitting on the car by her hair. He started beating the other woman badly by dropping her on the ground. During this, the young man sitting on the bike kept asking the woman to leave the bus.

After a long fight, the woman told that the said youth is her husband and she has small children. The young man who came on the bike is her husband. This other woman has trapped her husband in a love trap. She is making a fortune on her entire earning.

Girlfriend kept pleading – forgive sister

After the fight, the girlfriend said to the wife, forgive the sister, you have come for the first time today. We never went anywhere with it. The youth also kept pleading for her to leave. The wife did not listen to anyone and stood there and asked the people making the video to make more videos viral.

After half an hour of uproar, the husband and wife and girlfriend were taken away by their relatives and acquaintances. No police complaint has been made by them.

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