Shikha Dhariwal, Mumbai Jn. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s character Laila in the recently released film Heropanti 2 is in the news. There are many shades of this character. In which Nawaz is seen in a different look by becoming Laila, doing a lot of madness. During the promotion of the film, Nawaz spoke openly about Laila’s madness and his bad habits in real life in a conversation with

On the question of unknown facts related to Nawaz, the actor laughs and says, “By the way, everyone knows about me. Now even if I tell unknown facts, then nothing will remain unknown. Look, I am an actor and I can only talk about acting. Am.”

On the next question Nawaz says that “Yes I have a bad habit, which I think is very bad. I am not responsible. It seems to me that this is my very bad habit. While I should work on it and Must be responsible.”

On the question of increasing popularity, success and working in South’s films in Bollywood, Nawaz says that “I had worked with Rajinikanth sir in South for a long time in the film ‘PETA’. Every actor aspires to be Rajini. I also wanted to work with Sir, so I signed the film ‘PETA’ in the South.”

Continuing the matter, Nawaz further said, “Now the language of the South is not easy to learn, it takes a lot of time and I did not know the language, so I took the help of the promoter. But to be honest, I thought that I had made the makers of that film.” Took wrong money for the film and even after doing the film, I used to feel guilty for a long time.Like I have cheated the makers because I didn’t know the language of the film.So now I have decided that whenever a South film I will learn the language of South before that. So that I can do justice to the character and the film.”

Edited By: Vaishali Chandra