If rice is used in this way, then your hair will look longer than your knees, not your waist.

LifestyleIf rice is used in this way, then your hair will look...
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Rice For Hair Growth: If you want hair to grow fast and look long and beautiful, then apply rice in this way. The effect will be visible only after a few days of use.

special things

  • This recipe makes hair long.
  • Use rice in this way.
  • Hair will also become thick and strong.
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Haircare: Nowadays rice is being used in many skin care and hair care products. Especially in Korean and Chinese products, products made from rice are widely used. Talking about the effect of rice on hair, if rice water is made a part of your hair care, then its effect can be seen only after some use on the hair. Sunlight, dust, soil as well as chemical substances also cause a lot of damage to the hair. In such a situation, after trying this natural remedy, the appearance and condition of your hair can change.

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rice water for hair | rice water for hair

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To make rice water, soak rice in water for a few hours. After this, filter the rice to cook, but do not throw away its water. You can use this rice water with white starch on your hair. Minerals and vitamins are found in rice water. This water is also helpful in improving the skin cells growth and blood circulation of the scalp.

rice water shampoo

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The name of Huangluo village of China is included in the Book of Guinness World Records, due to which the women of this village have the longest hair in the world. The women of this village use rice water as a shampoo. These women wash their hair with fermented rice water and do not use any kind of chemical substance.

rice water hair toner

To apply rice water as a toner, wash your hair with shampoo. After this, take rice water in your hand and apply it well from the roots to the ends of the hair and wash it after keeping it on the hair for about 20 minutes. After this wash the hair with clean water. This recipe can be tried once a week.

for dandruff

Along with hair growth, rice water can be used to get rid of dandruff. Rice water removes dandruff, dry skin and flaky skin seen on the surface of the head and is helpful in cleaning the head. For this, apply rice water to the hair for some time and then wash it. You can also fill rice water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on your hair.

Moisture does not stay on the skin and dryness is visible, so fix the skin’s moisture barrier in this way

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