If the movement is easy in the festival season, then business will increase: crores of shops and showrooms, yet there is a problem in the movement of goods and customers on the way, how will the business increase, Granthshala Appeal – Only then will the customers come.

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The festive season has started from Navratri. During this time all kinds of goods are bought in the market. In such a situation, it is normal for the market to become crowded. Customers face problems in transit. Sometimes the customer also goes somewhere away from the main market to buy goods.

In such a situation, the loss is to the shopkeepers of the market. If all the shopkeepers together simplify the movement in the market, then the customer will be able to move around the market easily, then the business will also increase. Today, the daily will tell the status of the city from Committee Chowk to the old vegetable market mode. It includes Main Bazaar, Chandni Chowk (Old Vegetable Market) area. There are about 200 shops of every item in this area. There are shops and showrooms worth crores of rupees here.

Keep the goods inside the shop so movement will be easy

Main Bazaar and Chandni Chowk or say that the old vegetable market area ranges from common shops to showrooms. But the big or small shopkeeper does not lag behind by keeping his goods on the road. If all the shopkeepers just try their best to confine their goods to the shop, then the way may be a little open. Which will make the movement easier. So that the customer can come and go easily.

No parking, bikes are parked in front of shops

Be it the main market or the Chandni Chowk market, the bike is parked here in front of the shops, in the middle of the road and wherever there is an empty space. The reason is the lack of parking in this area. Governments came and went. But no one arranged parking for the market people. There are about 200 bikes parked in the market all the time. Apart from this, customers’ bikes also come. Due to which the road gets shorter. Which makes movement difficult.

The members of the Board of Trade said – if parking is found, then the problem can be solved

Chandra Gupta, head of Main Bazar Vyapar Mandal, secretary Virendra Dua and cashier Satish Kumar told that they met DC, EO for parking. But nobody did anything about it. If the shopkeepers confine their goods to the shop and parking is available then the way will open. For this they are striving. If the customer is able to move freely in the market, then both the business and the trader will get the benefit. Everyone should understand this.

Every item available in the market

Today in the main market all types of sarees, suits, paint-shirts, coats, ACs, TVs, jewellery, artificial jewellery, crockery, kariyana, sandals, shoes, handloom items, fruits, fruits, medicines, doctors, dental surgeons, temples, Everything you need is available including sweets, utensils, watch.


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