In the Shardiya Navratri, along with the worship of Mother Durga, Garba/Dandiya is also organized in the puja pandals. Now people make special arrangements in their society and colony as well, but the event should not be limited to only deciding the dress code and theme. There are some other things that should be kept in mind so that the participants in the event can enjoy it openly. So by keeping these things in mind, you can make the event fun.

bright colors color decoration

It is said that every color conveys some message. We combine colors in our clothes according to our personality, but when it comes to Garba festival, it is the bright colors that sparkle. Bright shades of colors like red, green, blue, yellow reflect positivity, energy and enthusiasm for life. Use mirror work and embroidery not only in lehenga-choli, but also in decoration. Different beauty and radiance will be seen.

Memorable moments will be made from selfie point

There is a lot of trend of selfie point nowadays. From the wedding ceremony to other parties, it remains a special attraction. If you are also organizing a Dandiya festival, then definitely design a colorful selfie point there or if you are going to participate in any Garba festival, then definitely explore the selfie point there. A selfie point decorated with brightly colored bandhani saris or dupatta, decorative umbrella etc. will make your photos memorable.

food stalls

Wherever Garba is organized in the colony, society or park. Keep the food stalls a little away from there. Yes, get the water system done nearby. Due to the presence of food stalls nearby, the crowd of people remains there, which can cause problems for the dancing people.

changing room

Wherever the dance is arranged there should also be a changing room as during Durga Puja people take part in different programs which can be tiring and irritating to go up and down to change again and again. Having a changing room will be a little convenient.


The occasion when it is the Dandiya festival in Navratri, the traditional mood in the tattoo is alluring. This tattoo is only for carrying style during the party. So tattoo artists can also be called in the event. With which women can get the designs painted of their choice. Tattoos made of glitter and colorful colors will give you a stylish look along with traditional. This design can also be removed after some time by washing it with water.

Pic credit- Garba Vectors by Vecteezy

Edited By: Priyanka Singh