If you do not know whether mango is sour or sweet while buying it, then try this trick, you will always bring delicious mangoes home.

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Mango Buying Trick: Different types of mangoes are available in the market, so these tips and tricks will be of great help to you in choosing the sweet and juicy mango of your choice.

special things

  • It is easy to identify sweet mangoes.
  • Mangoes can be bought with some tricks in mind.
  • The identity of different mangoes is also different.

Kitchen Hacks: Mango, the king of fruits, is sweet and sometimes sour in taste. Although everyone likes the sourness in raw mangoes, but ripe (ripe mangoes) sour mangoes generally do not taste good and just the mind remains spoiled. In such a situation, while buying Mango, it is necessary to keep in mind that even after cutting the mangoes you are buying, they turn out to be equally juicy and sweet. But, can one tell whether mangoes are sour or sweet by just seeing and touching them? Answer is yes. There are a few tricks that can help you choose the best mangoes.

Tricks to Pick Good Mangoes | Tricks To Choose Good Mangoes

  • Touch the mango. Ripe sweet mangoes are soft to touch, but not so soft that you touch your finger and they get submerged.
  • Smell the mango and see that it does not smell of any kind of chemical, alcohol or medicine because such mangoes are grown and grown with the help of chemicals. They are not natural.
  • Smell the mangoes near their stem. If the smell of sweet pineapple or melon comes out of the mango stick, then it will be ripe and sweet.
  • Do not buy even lightly pressed mangoes. Mangoes that appear buried and deep in one place are rotten.
  • Mangoes that look like footballs are mostly sweet. Do not take very thin and cracked flat mangoes.
  • Do not take mangoes which have streaks or wrinkles.
  • Also, buy only knowledgeable about different types of mangoes. For example, Ataulfo ​​Mangoes Wrinkled and soft before they are fully cooked.
  • Francis mangoes also look light green when ripe and appear in the shape of alphabet S. When fully grown, their yellowish golden color becomes.
  • Hayden is that variety of mango in which small white patches are seen on the yellow color. They are slightly oval and circular and are mostly found in the months of April and May.

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