If you don’t get angry, don’t quarrel in Pandit ji’s pavilion, then marriages seem incomplete, you will not be able to stop laughing after seeing these memes.

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Earlier this week, people started tweeting about examples without which Indian weddings are incomplete.

Marriage is such a ceremony or function, in which many people of the family, relatives and society are involved. There are more people, because of this, the expenses of marriage are also very high. Rich or poor, everyone arranges marriage according to his capacity. But, in spite of all these things, there are many such things that if there is no marriage then the marriage seems incomplete or you can also say that the fun of marriage also remains incomplete. The things we are going to talk about, those things seem necessary in every Indian wedding. This means to say that whatever is spent in the marriage. But some small things which are not necessary but still very important in an Indian wedding and even after many arrangements, people feel that marriage was not fun at all.

Earlier this week, people started tweeting about examples without which Indian weddings are incomplete. Although it is not known what started this trend, just a day ago, Twitter was full of funny one-liners and memes that pointed to matters small and big during wedding ceremonies.

Talking about the jokes and gossip that happens between relatives and friends during weddings, a Twitter user wrote, “Indian weddings are incomplete, unless someone talks about the food / bridesmaid dress / makeup / groom’s job. Don’t say bad”.

Another Twitter user described the uncomfortable experience of several wedding guests with the photographer and tweeted, “Weddings are incomplete unless the cameraman clicks your pictures while you are eating”. Replying to this tweet, a user wrote, ‘When the photographer comes near by taking a video and throwing light on us, then the style of food changes itself.

Commenting on the dowry system, a Twitter user wrote, “Believe it or not, Indian marriages are still incomplete without dowry (dowry) and even the most educated section would give and take dowry in most cases.” is.”

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