If you want to stay healthy, then start eating these 5 indigenous things in breakfast, weight will also decrease and stomach will also be full.

LifestyleIf you want to stay healthy, then start eating these 5 indigenous...
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Healthy Desi Breakfast: If morning breakfast is healthy, then the stomach also remains fine for the whole day and health gets many benefits, so different. Know which are such desi dishes that you can eat for breakfast.

special things

  • These things are good for health.
  • Health remains good.
  • Many nutrients are available to the body.
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Healthy Food: It is said that what you eat in the morning affects your whole day. If you eat something heavy, your stomach remains heavy throughout the day and if you eat something spicy, then acidity and gas also starts forming in the stomach. That is why it is advised to include those things in the morning breakfast which are good for the stomach, keep the body weight under control and also give sufficient nutrients to the body. Here some such desi breakfast options are being given which can be made a part of the morning meal.

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healthy desi breakfast | Healthy Desi Breakfast


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Eating upma in breakfast proves to be very beneficial. It is light due to which the stomach does not feel heavy even after eating a lot. Protein-rich urad dal is also added to it and semolina is a good source of calcium. Apart from this, Upma also contains vegetables, curry leaves and mustard seeds. It also takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.


Another healthy and desi breakfast option is Poha. Light, tasty and keeping the stomach healthy, Poha is perfect for breakfast. While making it, vegetables, green coriander, peanuts, lemon juice and curry leaves are also added to it. Even children do not refuse to eat this delicious breakfast.


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Idli is made from urad dal, rice flour and semolina. It is kept very high in the count of the lightest breakfasts. Idli is not only tasty to eat, but it can also be included in the weight loss diet. You can eat it with sambar, with coconut chutney or it can also be eaten by adding light spices to the idli by applying Chhonka.

besan cheela

Tasty and healthy Besan Cheela is prepared in minutes. To make this, finely chop different vegetables and mix them in gram flour and prepare a thick paste by adding some water. Add some salt to it and then mix it and spread it on the griddle. After cooking it from both the sides, relish eating it with coriander, mint or tomato chutney.


Whenever it comes to healthy breakfast, South Indian dishes are often kept at the top of the list. Uttapam is also included in this list. Make a slurry by grinding semolina or urad dal and rice. Spread it on a griddle by adding light oil or ghee and put different types of chopped vegetables on it and sprinkle salt. Cook uttapam from both sides and serve with chutney or sambar. It doesn’t take much time to make it and eating it also keeps health healthy.

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