Illegal coal mining: Checkposts were to be built at 13 places, 101 days passed, neither post nor magistrate-police deployed

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In order to stop the transportation of illegal coal and sand and to take action, checks were to be made at 13 places in the district. The Mining Department had marked the place for making check boxes and handed over the list to the SDO. It was told with the list that with the establishment of checkposts at these places, it would be possible to nab the illegally transported coal and sand. On June 11, on the proposal of the Mining Department, the DC directed the SDO in this regard and was asked to check the vehicles by making a checkpost in a week. For this there was also a proposal to deploy the police along with the magistrate there. It was also said to make more checkposts if needed.

Now 101 days have passed. Neither the checkposts were made at the marked places nor the deputation of magistrates and police force for this. Right now the police-administration campaign is going on on coal theft. In such a situation, there is also a truth of the campaign that the decision taken earlier in the direction of stopping illegal transportation of minerals has not been implemented. In such a situation, there is no action against illegal transportation on the roads.

Why checkposts were not made, cited the shortage of manpower

Officials are talking of taking a strict approach towards illegal mineral transportation, but their answers are unclear if they do not build checkposts that prove to be effective in stopping the transportation. Officials are citing the shortage of manpower as the biggest reason for this. Officials say that there was a plan to deploy the magistrate and police force in three shifts at all the checkposts. In such a situation, there will be a need for magistrates and adequate police force for 13 checkposts. However, neither the deputation of the magistrate nor the police force was sought from the administrative level.

What would have been the benefit – magistrates got the right to take action

There are 13 identified locations which could have covered all the major roads at the district level. In the light of the continuous complaints about the transportation of minerals, the Mining Department had fixed the places for the checkposts. At the same time, the magistrate on duty was instructed to take legal action by seizing the vehicles engaged in illegal transport along with checking other documents including e-challan of mineral laden vehicles. If checkposts were made, then action would have been taken against illegal transportation from there.

What are you saying if the checkposts are not made?

Mihir Salkar, District Mining Officer

“The proposal was sent to the SDO to make a checkpost after fixing the places. No decision has been taken so far due to technical reasons.”

Mihir Salkar, District Mining Officer

Prem Kumar Tiwari, SDO

“If a checkpost was built in Govindpur, then illegal businessmen started using another route. Strategic checkposts can be made.”
-Prem Kumar Tiwari, SDO

Sandeep Singh, DC

“A campaign against illegal mining is going on. Some checkposts were built during the last operation. More will be built if needed.”

– Sandeep Singh, DC

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