Immunity Booster Drink: These 5 drinks will keep immunity strong in the changing season, prepare it like this

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Drinks To Boost Immunity: Are you also one of those people whose health starts deteriorating with the changing weather? If yes, then today we will tell you 5 such healthy drinks which will help in strengthening your immunity. This drink will make your immune system strong and protect you from diseases.

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It is most important to have better immunity for a healthy body, because if our immunity is weak then we will get sick again and again due to which our body will also become weak. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take care of your immunity especially in the changing season. Right now the summer season is coming and to avoid infection and getting sick in the changing season, you need some immunity boosting drinks.

Drinks to Boost Immune System | Immune System Boosting Drinks

1) Melon Puree

Melon means watermelon and melon are available in plenty in summer. It is made of 90 percent water and Vitamin C is found in plenty in it. In this case, cut watermelon or melon into pieces at home and make its puree. Whenever you need hydration, blend it by adding ice cubes and water to a little puree and consume it.

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2) Celery tea

Ajwain i.e. carom seed is full of its medicinal properties, which gives relief in seasonal diseases like cold, cough. To make celery tea, add a spoonful of celery, basil leaves and a pinch of black pepper in a cup of water and boil it well. You can also add honey to it for taste.

3) decoction

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Homemade Ayurvedic decoction will make your immunity strong like iron, then no matter how much the weather hits you, you will not be able to get sick. For this, put 8 to 10 cloves, one cinnamon stick, one teaspoon celery, basil leaves, 8-10 black peppercorns and a pinch of turmeric in water and keep cooking it until the water reduces to half. You can put a little jaggery in it for taste and consuming this decoction in the morning and evening strengthens immunity.

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4) smoothie

Yes, cold smoothies available in summer also work to increase your immunity, because many healthy ingredients are used in it. To make this smoothie, take some spinach, a handful of mint leaves, half a cucumber or bottle gourd, half a cup of curd, a pinch of rock salt, a quarter teaspoon of cumin powder and squeeze half a lemon. Blend all the ingredients well with ice. This smoothie protects your immunity and protects you from the change in weather.

5) Herbal Drink

This is such a drink which is simple yet very effective. Along with boosting your immunity, it is helpful in keeping sore throat and cough at bay. To make this, grate some ginger. Put three chopped garlic cloves, one cinnamon stick, one teaspoon mint juice and lemon in it and boil it well. Your herbal drink is ready, which along with keeping you hydrated, also removes mucus.

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