Peshawar, IAS. The Anti-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Pakistan has exposed the conspiracy against former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was threatened with death. This information was given by the Anti-Terrorism Department of Pakistan. CTD’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa wing issued this alert and said, ‘The terrorists are planning to kill Imran Khan and for this they have sought the assistance of an assassin from Afghanistan. This information was given by Geo News quoting the report of Daily Jung.

The task of killing Imran was entrusted to the Afghan terrorist

According to the Daily Jung, the threat warning is being shared in various forums according to which the Afghan killer was given the responsibility of taking the life of the former prime minister. However, it is also being said that the killer who was given this responsibility handed over this task to other people.

Security beefed up for Imran Khan

The CTD has directed all concerned agencies to take all possible steps for the security of the former Prime Minister. Meanwhile, a senior police officer from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has confirmed that the CTD had issued an alert on June 18. Along with this, orders have been given to keep the threat confidential and prevent it from leaking on social media. PTI leaders recently informed about the threat received by Imran Khan and claimed that a professional killer was appointed for it.

The name of the terrorist who took the betel nut is Kochi

PTI leader Fayazul Hasan Chauhan had tweeted that some people have given the task of killing the party chairman to terrorists. He claimed, ‘I have detailed information that a terrorist named Kochi in Afghanistan has been assigned the task of killing PTI chairman Imran Khan.’ Later a party worker claimed that the killer had also taken home in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

Edited By: Monika Minal