Abbottabad, ANI, Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday warned the Shahbaz Sharif government. Addressing the Abbottabad public meeting on Sunday, the former prime minister said that no force can stop him from taking out the ‘Long March’ on March 20. (ARY NEWS) According to ARY News, Imran Khan has warned that two million people are going to reach Islamabad through ‘Long March’ in protest against the current government.

He further said that Shahbaz Sharif’s government should block the road by keeping as many containers as possible to stop the protestors, but people will definitely reach Islamabad. According to the report of Geo News, Imran Khan said, ‘Our opponents say that if the temperature is high then people will not come out. I say keep as many containers as you want, but two million people will come to Islamabad. The former prime minister told his supporters that the current government was “afraid” of his obsession and said that 11 parties had gathered to remove him from power. Imran Khan claimed that when he and his supporters would visit Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. ‘Imported Hukumat Na Manzoor’ and ‘We want real freedom’.

America does not accept slavery

According to the report of ARY News, he called PM Sharif a ‘beggar, coward and dacoit’ and said that the country will not accept the slavery of America at any cost.

Imran Khan said that his sole motive is to work for the welfare of the Pakistani nation and he will not sacrifice national interests for the interests of America.

He said that the Pakistani nation does not believe in any superpower other than the absolute supremacy of Allah Almighty.

Imran Khan will address many public meetings

PTI has finalized the strategy to evade arrest and bring lakhs of people to Islamabad for the long march and conveyed it to the third level leadership of the party.

Let us inform that the upcoming public meeting of Imran Khan is going to be held in Jhelum on May 10, Atak on May 12, Mardan on May 13, Sialkot on May 14, Faisalabad on May 15, Swabi on May 16, Kohat on May 17, Chakwal on May .

Edited By: Piyush Kumar