In Jaipur, the dog was caught by the leg and then thrown: There were injuries on the nose and body, ongoing treatment

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A case of cruelty to a dog has come to the fore in Jaipur. Where a person picked up the dog by the leg. Then turned around and threw it away. It also caused injuries to the dog’s nose and parts of the body. After the video surfaced, a case was registered on behalf of activist Mariam Abuhedri.

Maryam gave a report and told that a video has come on WhatsApp. In this, a person is brutally beating a dog. The incident took place in Jhalana area. Maryam went to meet the child who made the video of the incident. But the family members refused to meet. After this, the Gandhi Nagar police station was informed about the incident. After this the police team reached the spot. Started a search for the one who killed the dog, but could not find it.

After this, a case has been registered against the unknown person under IPC 429 and animal cruelty. Police have registered a case and started investigation. Maryam told that if anyone has trouble with the dog or other animal, then he should inform the corporation. No one has the right to cruelty to an animal. Police action should be taken against any person who does this type of act.

Activist Maryam Abuhedri.

dog running treat

Activist Maryam said that seeing the condition of the dog, she felt that she needed treatment soon. On this, information was given by calling Helping Traveling. The treatment of the dog is going on. He is quite fine now. There are injury marks at many places on his body.

Gandhinagar CI Nemi Chand told- After coming to know, PCR was sent to the spot. Considering the seriousness of the matter, an FIR has been registered against the unknown person. Along with this, a chance map will also be done today. Efforts are on to arrest the accused.

case of cruelty also came to the fore in jodhpur

In Jodhpur too, a doctor crossed the limits of cruelty on Sunday. When a street dog entered his house, he tied the dog in his car and dragged it for 5 kilometers. The dog was seriously injured by this. His leg was fractured and his skin was torn. Seeing the dog running behind the car on the road, people tried to stop the car. It is alleged that Dr. Rajneesh Galwa did not stop the car and kept driving away. The passersby rode the bike behind the car and surrounded the car from the front. Parked the bike in front of the car. Then the car stopped. Read full news here…

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