In the case of death of seven people due to horrific arson in Indore, the girl slapped the accused in the police station.

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Shubham Dixit, arrested for killing seven people by setting fire to a residential building in Indore, was slapped by a young woman in the Vijay Nagar police station premises.


A girl accused of killing seven people in a fierce arson in Indore was slapped at the police station. The incident took place when the police was taking the accused Sanjay alias Shubham Dixit to present him in the court. As soon as the accused came out of the police station premises, a young woman slapped him. The girl was cursing the accused and was talking about giving him severe punishment. The accused youth got injured due to injury while running during the arrest.

A woman on Sunday openly slapped an alleged ‘Sirfire Aashiq’, arrested for killing seven people by setting fire to a residential building in Indore, in the Vijay Nagar police station premises. According to officials, this woman is the elder sister of a 22-year-old girl, who was upset with 27-year-old Shubham Dixit alias Sanjay, after failing to marry her, Shubham Dixit set her scooter on fire in the parking lot of a residential building of Swarn Bagh Colony on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday. was handed over to.

Later, the flames intensified with deep smoke, killing seven people, including a couple living in the building, officials said. Eyewitnesses told that the elder sister of the girl, who was upset with Dixit, had reached the Vijay Nagar police station demanding to be reunited with her younger sister. During this, he saw Shubham coming with the police personnel and in anger, he slapped Shubham and asked what he got by taking the lives of seven people?

According to eyewitnesses, the police personnel who were stunned by Dixit’s sudden slap in the police station premises, intervened and took the accused away from this angry woman. Alleging that her younger sister was harassed by Shubham for a long time in unrequited love, the woman said that the accused in the horrific fire should be given “more punishment than death”.

According to eyewitnesses, Shubham Dixit, who was brought to Vijay Nagar police station for questioning after his arrest, had plastered one hand and one leg and was walking with a limp. Vijay Nagar police station in-charge Tehzeeb Qazi claimed that the accused of killing seven people by setting fire to the road divider in Loha Mandi area fell and got injured when he tried to escape after seeing the police team in front on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday. was trying.

In the Vijay Nagar police station premises, Shubham Dixit also faced anger from the relatives of the late couple – Ishwar Singh Sisodia (45) and Neetu Sisodia (44), who lashed out at him and demanded that he be hanged. According to police officials, the Sisodia couple were among the seven people killed in the horrific fire that broke out in a residential building of Swarn Bagh Colony in the early hours of Saturday. He told that the couple lived in a flat on the ground floor of the building on rent as their house was being built in front of it.

Ishwar Singh Sisodia’s younger brother Bheru Singh Sisodia lives in the house just opposite the fire victim building and is also an eyewitness to the incident. Bheru Singh Sisodia, who came to the Vijay Nagar police station to record his statement, told reporters, “At the time of the fire, I suddenly opened my eyes after hearing screams in the building opposite my house. Then my elder brother Ishwar Singh Sisodia called me and said that he and his wife are trapped in the flat and they should be taken out. We called the fire department immediately.

He said, “Even before the fire brigade reached the spot, I had put out the fire to a great extent by running a water motor with the help of my neighbors. When we entered the flat, this place was scorching hot and my brother and sister-in-law were lying unconscious on the floor in the smoke filled there. He was not scorched at all in the flames, but he had suffocated in the thick smoke.

The Sisodia couple does not have any children and their pyre was lit by Bheru Singh Sisodia. “I will always regret that I could not save the lives of my elder brother and sister-in-law when they were the first to call me for help when they were trapped in the fire,” he said with a tear.


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