New Delhi, Agencies. The talks of military officers held on Wednesday after nearly three months to end the military tension between India and China since May 2020 have also proved to be ineffective. In a joint statement issued by both sides, it has been said that both the countries will further strengthen the previous results. According to the joint statement, there has been no significant success in this 14th round of talks. However, both sides have agreed to maintain contact and continue talks for a mutually acceptable solution to the remaining issues.

open exchange of ideas

Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane said on Wednesday that India looked forward to resolving the issues related to the disengagement at Patrolling Point 15 (Hot Springs) in eastern Ladakh in the 14th round of talks. According to the joint statement, the two sides had open, frank and in-depth exchange of views on resolving the related issues along the LAC in the western region (Ladakh border).

eyes on the leadership

Both sides (India and China) agree that they should follow the guidance of their leaders and work to resolve the remaining issues. Doing so will help in restoring peace along the LAC in the western region and bring progress in bilateral relations, according to the statement issued. Both sides also agreed to work on past results and make effective efforts to maintain security and stability in the Western Region.

agreed to continue the conversation

Both sides (India and China) have agreed to remain in close contact and continue dialogue through military and diplomatic channels and to work on mutually acceptable solutions to the remaining issues. Both sides agreed that the next round of commanders’ talks should also take place soon, the statement said. At the same time, if the experts are to be believed, to a great extent the determination of the direction of relations between the two countries will depend on the outcome of the talks.

China furious over remarks of army chief

China on Thursday said it expects those concerned in India to refrain from making non-constructive comments. His remarks came a day after Army Chief General MM Naravane remarked that the threat in eastern Ladakh has not diminished in any way and the Indian Army will continue to deal with the Chinese army with firmness and courage.

talks on both sides

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in the media briefing, ‘Now China and India are contacting and talking through diplomatic and military channels to reduce border tensions.’ Regarding the corps commander-level talks, Wang said, “If there is any information regarding the 14th commander-level meeting, we will release information.”

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh