Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently said that his country is committed to treating neighboring countries well. But at least India and Japan do not seem to be trusting him. The issues raised in the talks between External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Japan’s Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasha on Monday and the manner in which the two countries have resisted attempts to change the status quo by force in the South China Sea and East China Sea clearly show that their Which country is it pointing to? High-level talks with India are held for the first time since the political stability in Japan after the recent elections. The direction of the upcoming relationship is clearly visible in this.

In the information released by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, it has been told that in the talks between the foreign ministers, the visits of the prime ministers of the two countries to each other have been discussed prominently. In this regard, efforts will be made to make possible the visit of Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida to India as soon as possible. Along with this, talks have also taken place regarding the date of the two plus two talks to be led by the defense and foreign ministers of both the countries. Let us inform that the time of Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to India is being fixed for the last two years. In December 2019, the then Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abi was to visit India, but that trip was postponed due to violence in Assam. Later this trip was postponed due to Corona and political instability in Japan.

There was also a discussion on economic aspects and cooperation in the infrastructure sector.

Despite Japan’s political instability, contacts between the two countries have remained at the top level. Now that PM Kishida has won the election, it is expected that bilateral contacts will gain momentum. Discussions were also held between Jaishankar and Yoshimasha on the economic aspects and cooperation in the infrastructure sector. All aspects related to the Indo-Pacific region have also been discussed and both countries have reiterated that they will continue to strive to make this region completely free and equal opportunity for all countries. Efforts will also be made in this regard at the bilateral level and also under the Quad.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan