India has jumped 10 places in terms of internet speed, know which country is on top?

TechnologyIndia has jumped 10 places in terms of internet speed, know which...
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India Internet Speed: India is making rapid progress in every field. India is also continuously setting new dimensions in the technology sector. The number of internet and social media users in India is increasing continuously. Airtel and Reliance Jio have also started their 5G services in many parts of the country. Recently India has jumped 10 places in terms of average mobile speed globally. India has achieved this feat in January 2023.

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India was ranked 79th in this list in December and after the new ranking, India has reached 69th position. In the same list, India was ranked 105th in November and 113th in October. Looking at the pace at which India is progressing, it is expected that India will soon make its place in the list of top 50 countries.

increase in download speed

India’s overall fixed median download speed has also seen an increase. In the month of December, this speed was 49.14 Mbps, which has increased to 50.02 Mbps in January. In the month of August, this speed was only 48 Mbps. It is expected that as 5G services expand in different cities of the country, this speed will increase and India’s ranking at the global level will also improve.

Ookla ranking also increased

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According to network intelligence and connectivity insights provider Ookla (ookla speed test), the country has moved up two places in rank globally for overall average fixed broadband speed. India was ranked 81st in this list in December and has now climbed two places to rank 79th. Ookla recorded an average mobile speed of 29.85 Mbps in January this year, which is much better than 25.29 Mbps in December.

Singapore and Beijing are on top

Singapore continues to hold the top position in the median fixed broadband category. The speed of Singapore is rated at 234.55 Mbps. UAE is on top among Gulf countries. The speed of Dubai is 204.37 Mbps, with which Dubai has jumped two places. China’s Beijing city continues to top the broadband speed test category with 277.57 Mbps.

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