Bangalore, IAS. Indian defense inputs to Pak India and Pakistan have had strained relations. In this sequence, Pakistan does not want to let go of a single opportunity in which it can beat India. Meanwhile, a gang has been busted in Bangalore, Karnataka, which was giving internal information about the country’s defense to Islamabad. The team investigating the matter has got the record of phone calls coming from Pakistan in this regard.

Military intelligence officers busted in collaboration with Karnataka Police

In the joint action of Karnataka Police and Military Intelligence, a racket was busted which was transmitting intelligence related to the country’s defense to Pakistan. This information was given by the sources on Tuesday. They arrested one person in this case and the search for others is on. In the investigation, it was learned that information about the Indian Army was being sought during a phone call from Pakistan Intelligence. This phone call was made from Pakistan through Darknet. The Indian person speaking to Pakistan has the mastery of converting the international tense into the local tense.

Sharafuddin arrested from Bangalore

The police had arrested Sharafuddin from Bangalore in the case. He hails from Wayanad district of Kerala. According to the police, the accused had kept several SIM boxes with him which were at four places in Bengaluru. Police raided Bhuvaneshwarinagar, Chikkasandra, Siddheshwar and other places. In this sequence, the police seized 2,144 SIM cards, 58 SIM boxes and electronic devices. This gang had the mastery of converting the international call into the local call. The intelligence of Pakistan was taking advantage of this network and was busy taking intelligence of the Indian Army.

Edited By: Monika Minal