New York, ANI. India told the United Nations General Assembly that terrorism is the biggest threat in the way of peace and security. It is also the biggest obstacle to the common agenda of the United Nations. India’s Permanent Deputy Representative (Political Convener) to the United Nations General Assembly R. Ravindra shared the country’s priorities with the Secretary-General. He said in the 75th address of the General Assembly that the future global cooperation of the Secretary-General will be brainstormed over the next 25 years under a common agenda.

India moving towards G20 on Paris Agreement

Supporting the UN Secretary-General’s proposals, the Indian Ambassador said that our approach should be multi-faceted reform, gender equality, human rights, development, prevention of terrorism, control of environmental change, corona infection, vaccine and enhancing peace and security. He said that there are some areas in which this global forum needs more attention. He said that India is moving in the direction of G-20 with regard to the Paris Agreement.

Guterres said – in the event of Afghanistan becoming or disintegrating

UN chief Antonio Guterres urged member states to help, saying that Afghanistan is currently struggling with a state of formation or disintegration. At the same time, while talking to reporters, he appealed to the Taliban to fulfill its promise regarding women’s work and girls’ education.

Without women, there is no room for improvement in the Afghan economy and society.

Guterres said that 80 percent of Afghanistan’s economy is informal and women play an important role in this. Without these women, there is no scope for improvement in the Afghan economy and society. Keep in mind that 75 percent of the Afghan government’s spending is currently dependent on foreign aid. The war-torn country is facing a currency crisis. Banks and other essential services are being closed.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan