New Delhi, ANI. The situation regarding Corona in the country is getting better than before. There is a steady decrease in the cases of corona infection. In such a situation, the Indian Railways has started relaxing the restrictions imposed. Now the railways has decided to reduce the price of platform tickets.

According to the order issued by the Central Railway, the price of platform ticket has been reduced from Rs 50 to Rs 10. As per the order, the price of platform ticket at CSMT, Dadar, LTT, Thane, Kalyan and Panvel stations has been reduced to Rs 10. This order will be implemented from 25th November i.e. today.

Many changes were made during Corona

The railways had made many changes due to the corona epidemic. During this, the operation of trains was also stopped for a long time. Apart from this, the numbers of all the trains were changed to special category. Along with this, the prices of train tickets were also increased. During the Corona period, the price of platform ticket was reduced to Rs 50. So that there is less crowd on the platform. Now with the situation improving, the Railways has started giving relaxation in the applicable restrictions.

Trains normalized from special category

Corona vaccination campaign is going on in the country. People are being vaccinated on a large scale. India’s vaccination coverage has reached 118.44 crores. In view of this, the Railways has decided to bring all the trains running from special numbers in the general category during Corona. According to this decision of the Railways, the number of all trains will once again be the same as before and with changing the number of trains, there will be a big difference in the passenger fare.

Edited By: Neel Rajput