Indian women teaching Hindi in Pakistan: Hindi is a strong language in large institutions, including Karachi University; Words like relation, world are part of common colloquial

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There are many differences between India and Pakistan. Despite this, their culture and social structure are almost the same. The languages ​​of the two countries have 98% similar vocabulary and pronunciation. Even though Hindi speakers are more in India, but in Pakistan also this language is included in common language. Many Pakistanis are learning Hindi with enthusiasm to establish better communication with India.

Many top institutes including Panjab University in Lahore, National University of Modern Languages ​​of Islamabad and Karachi University are running Hindi courses. The Department of South Asian Languages ​​at NUML was established in 1973. Its purpose was to teach Hindi to the soldiers of the armed forces and the officers of the government.

Most of the Hindi teachers in Pakistan are from India.
The special thing is that Hindi teachers in NUML and Panjab University are many women from India, who went to Pakistan after marriage. He has been educated from institutions like Patna University, Chaudhary Charan Singh University and Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Hindi craze in Sindh
There is a lot of craze for Hindi in the areas with Hindu population in Sindh. Language, cultural analyst Professor Ilyas Babar Awan told the daily that many universities are also offering Diploma and M.Phil option. Words like world, policy, relationship and discussion are part of common parlance because of Hindi films too.

Hindi strong language, it has suffered in Pakistan
The Hindi department in the oldest Panjab University of Pakistan was established in 1983 at the University Oriental College. Then certificate and diploma classes in Hindi were started. Hindi expert and famous historian Iqbal Qaiser says that like other languages ​​of Pakistan, Hindi also suffered due to one nation-one language policy.

When Pakistan was formed, Urdu language was given special status here. Whereas Urdu was not spoken in most of the areas here. Hindi is a very strong language and it is one of the top languages ​​after Arabic, Farsi and English.

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