India’s echo at Dubai Expo: Understand the specialties and nuances of the pavilion from Dixhu Kukreja, who designed the Indian pavilion in Dubai

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The World Expo is being organized in Dubai with great pomp and India’s threat is also resonating in it. In this global fair of business, technology, culture and heritage, 192 countries of the world have gathered under one roof. In this world expo, which will run for the next 6 months, not only will there be big business companies, celebrities, as well as more than one colorful event will also be organized.

The special thing is that the Indian pavilion is the largest in the World Expo. We had an exclusive chat with Architect Designer Dikshu Kukreja of the Indian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo. Dikshu Kukreja is a big name in the world of architecture and he is also a master designer in CP Kukreja Architect Company.

Question: What is Dubai World Expo and what is happening there for India?

Answer: The World Expo is being organized in Dubai in a space of 4 and a half square kilometers. Such an event is organized once in 10 years. Historically, an expo is an event where a fair of culture and business takes place. Just as there is an Olympics in the world of sports, similarly there is an expo in the world of business. In the expo, different countries of the world present their picture on a single stage. Our firm CP Kukreja Architect was selected on the basis of competition at the national level. After this the responsibility of presenting India to the world was on our shoulders.

Question: What are the specialties of the Indian Pavilion?

Answer: The Indian Pavilion is one lakh square feet and has 5 storeys. This is such a unique pavilion that will remain there even after the conclusion of the expo. Only 3 countries’ pavilions have got this opportunity, including the Indian pavilion. Our architecture is being discussed all over the world and it is a proud moment for us.

Question: What is the importance of Dubai Expo for India?

Answer: In the 21st century the whole world has turned into a village. Countries’ dependence on each other has increased. Technology and communication have changed the whole world. In such an environment, it is necessary that India should also keep its importance in front of the world. In the field of technology, from satellite to vaccine, India has raised its flag. On the other hand we have a unique and unique culture and heritage. He needs to show the world.

Question: What are the arrangements for Indian startups at the Dubai Expo? If they want to attract investors?

Answer: If a visitor comes to the Indian Pavilion and wants to know about India, we have created two sections keeping this in mind. One section will have a glimpse of our civilization and culture. In the second section, we have created a business centre, business desk, where private enterprises, corporates and startups of India will have a place to showcase their work. So here startups can put their business ideas in front of the world and find investors for themselves. This is a special occasion for them.

Question: Which events will be watched during the 6 month long expo?

Answer: In the coming 6 months, every day is going to be very special, where different pictures of India will be seen. The Indian Pavilion was inaugurated by Union Minister Piyush Goyal on 1 October. We celebrated Gandhi Utsav on 2nd October. After this we have made special preparations for Diwali. We will organize special events on festive occasions like Christmas, Republic Day, Holi.

Question: What is special about entertainment?

Answer: We have taken utmost care when any Indian visits the pavilion to get a spicy experience with a tadka. We have invited many stalwarts of the Indian film industry. We have made a special plaza where films, plays, songs and plays will be organized on the stage throughout the day. Everyone’s heart will be happy after coming to this section.

Question: Which sectors are the main focus of the expo?

Answer: This time the theme of the expo has been kept on Sustainability, Mobility and Connectivity. On this basis, we have included these things in our Indian pavilion. So companies in India that work on such technology that promote these three things will be the focus. A picture of the initiatives being taken in India from climate change to solar energy is also being presented.

Question: Apart from India, which countries have special pavilions?

Answer: Without any doubt, it can be said that India’s pavilion is the most talked about in the expo. Along with this, BP World, Emirates Airlines have also prepared very grand pavilions. Apart from this, the sustainability pavilion is also worth visiting.


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