New Delhi, Business Desk. Inflation rate is increasing in the country. The central bank is also concerned about this and is taking steps to control. Recently the central bank increased the repo rate. Rates are expected to be hiked again in June as retail inflation hit an eight-year high of 7.79 per cent in April on an annualized basis. Meanwhile, news agency Bloomberg said in a report that as India’s inflation rises, cheap single-serving packets such as soap and cookies are becoming lighter (reducing their weight) while the price is not rising. Is. According to the report, companies are adopting a plan to tackle higher input prices by reducing the weight of fixed-price items popular in low-income and rural areas.

According to a Bloomberg report, companies including Unilever’s Indian arm, home consumer goods firm Britannia Industries Ltd and Dabur India Ltd have moved to lighten their cheapest packages amid rising prices of edible oils, cereals and fuels. This is not a new thing for India. Several food companies, including Subway Restaurants and Domino’s Pizza, have taken similar steps by reducing the quantity of their products in the US to cut costs. This strategy is being adopted in India when Indian consumer prices have gone above the central bank’s target cap of 6 per cent over the past four months.

Hindustan Unilever Chief Financial Officer Ritesh Tiwari had recently said, “We will see more inflation in the next two to three quarters.” He had said that reducing the volume in the fixed-price package is the only way to absorb the price hike. Let us tell you that Hindustan Unilever has a huge market in India and its products are used in large quantities.

Edited By: Lakshya Kumar