Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. It is often heard that the effect of inflation is less in the villages, but for the last few months, more inflation is in the villages than in the city and government figures also give testimony to this. In April this year, the rural inflation rate was 8.38 percent while the city inflation rate was 7.09 percent. The overall inflation rate was recorded at 7.79 percent. In March this year too, the overall inflation rate was 6.95 per cent and rural inflation was recorded at 7.66 per cent.

Rural inflation above 10 percent in four states

In April, rural inflation went above 10 per cent in four states of the country. These include Telangana (10.26 percent), Madhya Pradesh (10.12 percent), Haryana (10.25 percent) and West Bengal 10.53 percent. In states like Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Maharashtra, rural inflation was above nine per cent.

Major reason for increase in fuel price

Experts are telling the main reason for the increase in the inflation rate in the rural areas due to the increase in the prices of fuel along with the prices of food items. Vegetables, fuel and electricity, transport, fruits and spices are the five items whose retail prices have increased the most in the month of April this year.

People spend more on food and drink in villages

In fact, according to the method used to measure retail inflation, in rural areas, more than Rs 50 is spent on food and drink for Rs 100. About eight rupees are spent on fuel and light. Whereas Rs.36 is spent on food and drink in the city and Rs.5.5 on fuel and electricity.

The five items whose prices increased the most in April

Vegetable —– 15.4 percent

Fuel and Light —- 10.8 percent

Transport and Communications —– 10.9 percent

Fruit —– 5 percent

Spice ——- 10.6 percent

Spending more on food and fuel

People in rural areas spend more on food and fuel and mainly these items have increased in inflation. Therefore, the inflation rate in rural areas is high.

– Sakshi Gupta, Senior Economist, HDFC Bank

Inflation may increase further

Due to the increase in the price of crude oil, the price of kerosene has increased and the price of firewood has also increased in the villages. Moreover, the rate of inflation is visible in rural areas. Experts say that in the rural areas where inflation is more than 10 percent, there may be a supply problem in the rural areas. The price may increase even more.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh