Rajeev Singh. There was a time when most of the children studied in government schools only. But gradually times changed. The present circumstances have completely changed. Today no affluent person wants to send his child to a government school. Not because there is a lack of facilities and his child will not get quality education, but because he feels that these schools are left only for those who cannot provide their children one meal, two pairs for them. Cannot afford clothes, sweaters, shoes etc.

In fact, this misconception has been spread in the society that the teachers of government schools do not do their work properly. Do not go to school on time. They do not teach children from their mind. Whereas in reality it is not. Most of the teachers go to their school regularly even in difficult circumstances and try to give their best to the children with full dedication. There may be exceptions that are everywhere, but the entire teacher community should not be blamed for just a few.

During the last years, many teachers have tried to rejuvenate their school with their salary, which has been appreciated by various newspapers as well. It is nice to see some teacher changing the face of their school and their children every day on the internet media forums. Impressed by them and wants to do better work. As a teacher, I believe that teaching is a very complex task, never take it as easy. In basic education, it becomes even more complicated, because most of the conditions here are the opposite. We have to give education to such children, most of whom neither want to take education on their own nor their parents are aware of providing them education. They do not understand the importance of education. Most of the time they keep the children busy with them in household and livelihood related work.

Today basic education is taking the form of a laboratory in which most of the experiments fail in their early stages and appear to be successful only on paper. Teachers are compelled to follow the new mandate every day. What if he does? While following the mandate, he is forgetting his original work and is compulsively taking interest in all other work except teaching work. The changes in basic education that are seen to be a hindrance in quality education are being ignored, in that the important suggestion of the teacher is being ignored.

No attempt is made to understand the feelings of the teacher. There is a need to take suggestions and give importance to the teachers working on the ground. Trust in teachers should be increased, for which their accountability should also be ensured. The imposed changes are weakening the quality of education. Innovation is necessary to make teaching interesting and effective, but in a limited way. The excellence of a teacher is not in how capable he is, but in what he has made the children of his school capable of with his ability. The present time is most suitable for a comprehensive change in basic education, because this matter is also in the priority of the present government and in the physical environment of the school, with the help of Panchayati Raj Department, basic facilities are being established for the children. But only the teacher can bring improvement in the quality of education, so the teachers should start with full awareness towards building the future of their students.

(the author is a teacher)

Edited By: Sanjay Pokhriyal