Instagram Health Challenge: Algorithm such that children are unable to get out of the web of videos and photos, food disorder caused by hashtags

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Michelle, who lives in Arizona during the Corona period lockdown, found that her two teenage daughters are spending too much time on Instagram. Initially, she considered it as a way to relieve boredom but later she learned that both her daughters were playing Instagram’s hashtag Health Challenge. It talks about pro-diet, pro-exercise and pro-eating disorders.

As soon as children visit these hashtags, videos and photos start pouring in. Children fall into this trap and start following these hashtags. Michelle’s daughters did the same. Due to these videos and photos of Instagram only, he decided his diet accordingly. After six months, both the daughters reduced their food intake.

Michelle’s daughter’s condition got so bad that she had to be taken to the doctor. It was time to get admitted to the hospital. His daughter was diagnosed with anorexia. In this disease, the patient becomes very alert towards his body. To avoid obesity, often stop eating or reduce it very little. The same thing happened with Michelle’s daughters.

Michel says that such hashtags are run on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, about which doctors or experts have no opinion. In such a situation, children start following these hashtags indiscriminately. In these health challenges, girls are often made too figure conscious.

Adolescent girls become victims of food disorders due to health challenges. This adversely affects their physical health as well as mental health. Michele said parents of adolescent children are advised to keep their children away from the health challenge of social media.

Francis warned that there was no system to block the Instagram algorithm
Former Facebook employee Francis Hogen told in her testimony in the US Parliament that Facebook and Instagram use their algorithms, that is, users’ site visit trends, send them similar videos and photos that they have seen one or more times. .

Instagram’s children’s app also works on this algorithm. Makes children addicted to a particular site or hashtag. Facebook has not developed any system to circumvent this algorithm. Because it makes huge profits for the Facebook company.

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