New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. International Day for Biological Diversity 2022: World Biodiversity Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 22 May all over the world. Which has great importance in human life. So let’s know how this day started, its importance and other important things.

History of World Biodiversity Day

Considering the importance of biodiversity in maintaining the environment and natural balance, it was decided to celebrate this day. On December 29, 1992, the Biodiversity Conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya, in which the idea of ​​celebrating this day was discussed. But due to practical difficulties expressed by many countries, it was decided to celebrate it on 22 May instead of 29 May.

Importance of World Biodiversity Day

Biodiversity gives us many types of products, such as food, fodder, fuel, medicine, wood etc.

Many types of components involved in biodiversity work to maintain the environmental balance on the earth. Along with controlling pollution, it also helps in conserving water, soil and air.

The loss caused by green gases, including carbon dioxide, can be reduced through biodiversity.

Biodiversity acts as a barrier in times of disaster, e.g. mangrove forest biodiversity provides cultural and natural benefits

Why is there a need for bio-conservation?

Conservation of biodiversity increases the productivity of ecosystems where each species, no matter how small, contributes to it.

A greater number of plant species means greater diversity of crops. Due to which many animals are fed.

– Conservation of biodiversity should be done on a global scale so that food chains are maintained. Disturbances in the food chain can affect entire ecosystems.

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