Interview of Gautam Adani: Said – The family has been taught the ‘power of 5 fingers’ from the father in childhood; Have lunch together, solve all the issues there

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Reaching the pinnacle of success continuously. The daily learned the secret of his power from business to family. He shared many things among the family, from love to success in business. Gautam Adani says that for years we have a rule. No matter how busy, we sit together at the lunch table. Whatever the issue is, it gets resolved there. The message is clear – busyness is part of life, but making time for family is also important.
Excerpts from Mrigank Patel’s conversation with Gautam Adani…

Adani Group’s business is worldwide, the reason for keeping its headquarters in Ahmedabad?
Ahmedabad is my birthplace. This city brought me up in business. Gujarat is my family. Who goes away from the family? If I show affection through the lion of Sheikh Adam Abuwala, I will say, ‘If you call, I will definitely come, the condition is such that a lump of soil will be needed.’

Since 1995, there was such a moment in the journey of entrepreneurship that there was disagreement with the family?
Father had explained in childhood that God has not given the five fingers of our hand equal, but when we unite them and make fists, then tremendous power is created. This learning and persuasion is embedded in the family even today. For years, family members have lunches together at the office every day. Discussion on all topics maintains dialogue. Constantly gets stronger.

How is the family involved in the operation of the industry?
Adani family guides professionals. Accordingly, professionals are doing a good job. The business of the Adani Group is run by good collaboration between family and professionals.

Your goal is Green Energy, Green Hydrogen?
Today the world is facing the ill effects of climate change. A plan for green energy has been made at the Paris conference. The Adani Group has pledged to invest $70 billion in this by 2030. Secondly, due to the geographical feature, sunlight is abundant in the country. With the aim of making full use of it, we have entered the clean and green energy sector. We have also entered into the production of solar energy and allied equipment. The ‘silica’ used in these devices is in abundance in the country. In such a situation, there will be no need to import energy and related materials.

How did the Adani family enter and develop in the industrial sector?
The spirit of nation building is at the foundation of the Adani Group. As a Gujarati, there are values ​​of courage. Started as an import-export in the year 1992 under the name Adani Exports. Then an English sentence touched the heart, ‘Growth with Goodness.’ With this vision, we used to do business through 20 ports of the country.

In 1995, the Government of India announced to attract the private sector in the infrastructure sector. Mundra Port grew and the group entered the infrastructure sector. We had a lot of land around the port. In the year 2006-07, there was a major power crisis. The government amended the electricity laws. Then the Adani Power Plant was installed near Mundra Port.

Thus entered the power sector. After four-five years, transmission and distribution work also started. Thus entering the energy infrastructure sector. The energy sector also added to our portfolio with the formulation of policies on natural gas.

The group is also making headway in new sectors like data center and defence?
The security of the country is the top priority of every Indian. Even after 75 years of independence, our country is the world’s largest importer in the defense sector. In this matter, India should become self-reliant and move towards self-reliance by focusing on research and development. The Adani Group is dedicated to contribute on this path.

Working of Adani Foundation?
Adani Foundation is working for quality primary education, public health, self-employment and eradication of malnutrition for 40 lakh population of more than 2400 villages in 16 states. Under the skill development program, one lakh boys and girls from 11 states are being trained. Adani Foundation supplied oxygen to many states by importing oxygen through logistic channel in the oxygen crisis created during the pandemic.

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