Interview: Pankaj Tripathi disclosed, said – I was once an insurance fraud

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Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi recently spoke about his recently released film ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ during a special conversation with the daily and revealed that a few years back he also had an insurance fraud. Pankaj not only registers his activism well in theaters and OTT platforms, but also puts inputs in the character. Let’s see some key excerpts from the conversation-

Q.Your dialogue with the kid in ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ has been good. How easy/hard is it to work with kids?
A.Acting with kids is tough work because when we grow up, we lose the simplicity in our lives. Because of the innocence that children have, they work with great innocence. In the child’s scene, I tried to come near his level so that the scene would be done well. This is the reason that in ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, I came out with a good scene with the child, which is also being liked by the people. I have a very unique relationship with the child in the film.

Q.You always put some of your input in the film. What happened in it?
A.I also have my input in this, which you will know after watching the film. It was a very good script though. Still, there are some improvisations, which I do. In every role the actor brings some input of his own. Here are my little inputs. Since I am from North India, I am aware of the things there. That little flavor of North has come from my side.

Q.According to you, why do audiences like thug films?
A.See, every man has been a victim of fraud at some point in his life. He feels that somewhere we have become an idiot. That’s why he likes such films. This fraud business is also a very exciting business. One who is being cheated does not know that he is being cheated.

Q.Tell us about your experience of cheating in real life?
A.No such big fraud has happened to me. Yes, insurance fraud happened once with me too. There was an agent who sold me insurance and took money. After four months I came to know that it is fake insurance. The man who had gone by selling insurance, searched for him a lot but I could not find him. This fraud happened regarding car insurance. Everything written in that paper was correct, but after four months when the company was contacted, it was found that it was a fake paper. This policy is not original. Then again I got insurance from the real company. This was some 10 years ago.

Q.How do you find the method of cheating has changed with the changing times?
A.Earlier people used to cheat by engaging in talk and talk. Now that the world has become digital, then the way of thugs has become digital. Those people have started doing all this online. In this way, cheating has also become digital. With the changing times, everything changes.

Q.2021 is coming to an end, so how do you find 2021 in personal-professional life?
A.I got some leave due to Corona. Then I realized that spending time with family is more important. Career will continue to grow and deteriorate. COVID-19 taught me that it is more important to live comfortably with family.


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