New Delhi, Online Desk. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who had announced his retirement at the beginning of the 15th season of the Indian Premier League, took over the reins of Chennai Super Kings. Now the results have also changed since he took the captaincy of the team. On Sunday, the team achieved a big victory of 91 runs against Delhi. After this win, now his playoff hopes have also increased.

A picture of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is becoming fiercely viral on social media. The match was played between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals on Sunday. During this match, before batting, Dhoni was seen biting the bat sitting in the pavilion with his mouth. As soon as this thing was shown on TV, people started making this picture of him viral.

Dhoni had bitten the bat before it was his turn to bat in the match against Delhi. This thing was caught by the camera during the telecast of the match. As soon as people got this video, they started giving different reactions by posting it on social media. Questions started being raised on eating Dhoni’s bat, in view of which spinner Amit Mishra, who played with Dhoni, replied.

Mishra tweeted and wrote, if you are wondering why Dhoni is often seen eating his bat. I would like to tell you on this point that he does this to completely remove the tape on his bat. You won’t see a single tape or thread on his bat.

Edited By: Viplove Kumar